Version 2.1 (Code: 123) guide

Essential news and changes:

Setup is treated independently and is the penultimate section.


Passenger car, truck, electric car, vehicle gas and car wash
Reporting of fuel prices
Fuel Card
Consumption and driving book
Reading guide (the weird words)

cars, trucks, electric cars and car washesPassenger car, truck, electric car, vehicle gas and car wash

The lists show the nearest stations for cars, trucks, electric car, vehicle gas and car wash with associated icon, company and address.

Latest prices in the order of lead-free 92, lead-free 95, lead-free98 / 100 and diesel are indicated, as well as distance to the nearest gas station. The distance is an estimate of how far it is expected to be if the ground was flat and the drive could be made in bird flight line and without altitude differences. Pressing at a gas station gives distance and driving time as precisely as MapBox indicates it.

Fuel prices are shown in different colors depending on how long since they were recorded:

The highlighted companies with a small credit card icon Credit card have attached a fuel card and if you have checked the Settings > Show > Fuel cards are included in the calculation of price. More about fuel cards

Stations designated as favorites have a blue heart Favorite far right.

The various Danish companies have different types of list prices, which are used when the pump price is adjusted to the list price when changing the oil price, dollar exchange rate or the like. The modified list prices are marked with a "*" in front of the price, based on years of experience and empirical data on pricing (applicable to Shell & Go'on). This option can be changed under Settings > Display > Danish list prices.

If there are new or changes to service / tank stations, then you are welcome to inform about this: New or changed gas station. Besides text it is possible to attach a picture with GPS coordinates.
It requires 2 things from your mobile phone.

  1. Location is enabled for the mobile phone (Mobile phone settings > Location > "an accuracy")
  2. Save location is enabled for the camera (Camera settings > Save location)

Tip: If you are close to the land border, FuelFinder will automatically switch to a new country in relation to GPS. If you are outside Scandinavia, the information can be seen during "search" Favoritter.

Context menu: none, but pressed on the list you will see details of the station and the possibility of choosing route directions or reporting of current prices.

Passenger car

Reporting fuel prices


At the chosen service station, details of the particular station and its products are shown, and the calculated distance and time consumption will be shown, cf. directions.

There are two types of prices: pump price and list price.

For details on a station, the favorite icon (a heart) must be selected before a station is displayed as a favorite.

Favorites not selected.
Favorites selected favorite.

Pressing [AUTOFILL] gives you suggestions for current prices for the different fuel types, and in this way current prices can be confirmed. If the price of fuel has fallen compared to previous prices, you can specify a single price and use autofill to fill in the rest (note there may be variation on a few ears).

Pressing [Directions] will give you directions from one's position to the chosen service station, and you may have to choose between the products on the smartphone that have this functionality.

If you press [Report] then the entered data is sent to the server: with any user name if this is completed.

If you want to have your reports registered on a user account, you must be registered with name, email and password - e.g. Register me!

After a report acknowledged the number of reports if notifications are turned off.


Favorites can be chosen between passenger cars that use fuel of the type: petrol, diesel or gas. They can also be added from "Search" Search

List and map can contain stations from Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden).

On details on a station, the favorite icon (a heart) must be selected before a station is displayed as a favorite.

Favorites not selected.
Favorites selected favorite.


Subsequently, a blue heart Favoritter will appear on the list of stations, as well as during a search in the area.

A maximum of 3 favorites can be selected without a subscription. When subscribing, there is no limit to the number of favorites and no advertisements.

Favorite list

The map shows selected favorites, as well as a black car in the current (GPS) location.

If a station/icon is selected - show a gray popup - and press the popup, details are displayed on the station.

Maps can zoom and move in all directions.

Google is incredibly hysterical with the right that makes one can save offline maps. This is probably because it is identical to the right that gives access to "contacts and pictures". So no offline card.

Favorites map

Fuel CardFuel Card

There are essentially two types of fuel cards.

  1. Separate card with discount on the pump / stand price and associated with a credit of 30-45 days. Bill is sent or paid over payment service.
    A variant is earning a bonus on the fuel card, which can be used as cash payment, eg Coop card.
  2. Associated credit card, eg, EuroCard, where a cash discount is given on payment.

The list is divided into countries, and under the countries there are fuel cards. If a country matches the language of the mobile phone, it will automatically appear.

You can select a fuel card by checking the right side. In the list of petrol stations and diesel plants, the company will be arched and a small credit card will be displayed. If the discount is to be calculated at the company's fuel prices, then select it under Settings > View > Fuel card.

It is possible to create, modify and delete maps. At a touch of an existing fuel show details and there is the possibility to change or delete the card.

Some of the most common fuel cards are pre-installed (the annoying ones can be deleted without any problems, but then they arise again if one deletes the app's data, but in that process one's own created cards disappear - this is standard Android).

Context menu (A "long" press) allows:

The discount is given on petrol and diesel, and as an amount per. liters or as a percentage.

PS. If the card is valid for several companies, a card must be created for each company.


Forbrug- og kørselsbogConsumption and driving book



Keep track of your fuel economy. Record time, number of liters, price per liter and mileage.

Driving book

Register driving by car, private and commercial driving. With the ability to indicate on and off with distance and for what purpose. Date is the time here and now, which can be changed by pressing clock and calendar.

A "short" tap on the list allows you to change or delete a line. If you short click on the heading you will have the opportunity to add a new line. A long press on the list (including the header) provides a context menu where the selected list item can be manipulated. If the list is empty, press the heading.

Context menu (A "long" press):

If the list is empty, press the heading.

Options menu:

Tip: If you want an accurate calculation of average consumption, then it requires that the car be completely filled up every time, thus one can ensure an accurate calculation on consumption. First registration should be date, 0, 0, odometer, so average consumption can be calculated correctly.


If you find this application useful, then you have the opportunity to support its development.

Advertisements are removed and infinite number of favorites during the period the subscription is valid.

Google InApps Billing is used, allowing for the use of credit cards as a means of payment.

To cancel a subscription, you must use Google Play > Preferences.




If you need to find stations for cars, trucks, electric cars, vehicle gas and car washes in Denmark, Sweden or Norway, so you just need to enter country-specific ZIP code or city. The input field can make "autocomplete", ie. suggestions come in. These are only cities and zip codes from the official list.

After pressing search, a list of nearest cars, trucks, electric cars, vehicle gas and car washes appears.

If you choose not to write a name or number completely or select a proposal, the list for the first match is displayed from the database.

Pressing the list shows a route guidance at the selected station in relation to the current position.

If you want all Shell stations in Kolding, then you can write "Kolding, Shell" or "shell, cold". Zip code can also be used, eg "6000, shell". There is no distinction between upper and lower case letters.




Reading Guide (the weird words)

Context menu: 2 different ways can be pressed on the screen: short and long. Typically, a short press is a choice, eg check mark and a long press selection of context / context, ie. you typically get more details.

Options menu: It is difficult to describe how it is found, but often you need to look for 3 vertical dots or 4 lines (a longer line at the top and three less below) either inside the app or on the smartphone. How it appears depends on the version of the Android operating system. Called often for "a hamburger" by IT people.

POI (Point Of Interest): Is the human term for the technical term geodata, but is typically understood as a stored favorite site.

Geodata: Short technical expression of GPS coordinates.